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Under previous boards, the San Lorenzo Valley Water District had its share of problems. During our tenure on this last board, we've had to make some tough decisions to protect the district for the future. We've worked together well, taken practical stances, and fixed many of the problems we found. We're proud of our record of accomplishments and invite you to learn more about how we've delivered:
We ask for your support and your vote to continue the work that we've done to provide a long-term platform for safe, sustainable, and reliable water delivery throughout our service area. Contact us directly at info@delivering4slvwd.org with questions or comments.
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What Assemblymember Mark Stone had to say about the current Board of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District in a recent article in the Santa Cruz Mountains Bulletin (Oct.-Nov. 2018):

“This current board has had to make some difficult decisions. But they've been very strong stewards of the environment, very strong stewards of their obligation to their ratepayers. I think they've made a lot of very good decisions and have been effective board members.”
Regarding the Rate Change:
“Rate increases will always be a controversial decision. But a board has to look at what their infrastructure cost is, and how they meet their obligations to provide water. Under public pressure, boards like this often don't raise the rates. Those are difficult decisions. A responsible board will do what's best for the community. And that's ensuring the long-term viability of an asset that's as important to us as water.”
About Glyphosate:
“I was responsible for getting the county to stop using glyphosate. Applying it physically is the only way to do it without contaminating the habitat and watershed. Disturbing the habitat of an endangered species would be a taking under the Endangered Species Act. So what they were proposing was probably the only way to get rid of the invasive plants without impacting anything else.”
The Quality of Their Decisions
“Working on these special districts that are very close to your constituents, and making decisions that affect people on a day-to-day basis, is very difficult to do. I measure the quality of a board by how effective they are at facing the difficult decisions. It's our job to rise above individual perspectives and look at the greater good. That's why I have confidence in the board of the SLVWD. They've made good decisions.“

Meet the Team (click on the candidate's photo for more info)

Chuck Baughman

A retired electrical engineer, Chuck has Bachelors degrees in math, chemistry, and physics. He moved to the Boulder Creek area in 2004 where he lives with his long-time partner Kristina. Since 2007, he has been involved in habitat restoration—contributing to the efforts of Santa Cruz County Parks at Quail Hollow Ranch. Chuck serves as a representative of SLVWD board to the Santa Margarita GSA formation committee, and helped shape the membership and structure of the Joint Powers Agreement that formed the groundwater agency. He now serves as vice-chair of the groundwater agency. While on the Board, he participated in an educational tour of Danish water technology at his own expense, attended the Groundwater Resources Agency Groundwater Sustainability Summit, and went to several water and governance conferences in California. More...

John Hayes

A Manager for a major local technology company and has a background in technology and finance.  He moved to the Felton area in 1999 and served as the President of the Olympia Mutual Water Company for several years prior to its merger with SLVWD.  He began serving the District in 2016 as a community volunteer member of the Budget and Finance committee where his most significant contribution was to facilitate the early retirement of the Lompico Surcharge that was instituted following the June 2016 annexation. More...

Gene Ratcliffe

A native Californian, raised in the Bay Area, Gene moved to the San Lorenzo Valley in 2013, in order to support her parents, long-term residents of Felton. Gene has a BS in Geology from UCLA and an MS in Plant Science from Cornell. She has worked in commercial agriculture and habitat restoration; and as community college teacher in horticulture, integrated pest management, and soil science. She taught water conservation, water quality, and native plant landscaping for seven different water districts and the cooperative extension. She also served for more than a decade as a Planning Commissioner and Housing Advisory Committee member. Gene also serves on the Santa Margarita GSA, as well as her recent stint as board president for the SLVWD. More...

Endorsed By (Partial List):

AFSCME Local 101 and Council 57

Beth Ahlgren

Valerie Ahlgren

Roz Alley

Hal Anjo

Chris and Dale Attias

Maggie Barr

Mark and Laurie Becker

Quinn Becker

Rachel Bickert

Peggy Black

Randall Brown

Margaret Bruce

Chris and Nancy Currier

Cynthia Dzendzel

Steve Edmonds

John Fasolas

Gina Firpo

Michael A Fresco

Larry Ford

Les Gardner

Peter Gelblum

Jenni and Leo Gomez

Mary and Joe Hammer

Barbara Hanson

Ralph and Julie Kimball

Alexis Krostue

Brian Largay

Glenn Lyons and Nancy Gerdt

Nancy and Ken Macy

Fred and Roberta McPherson

Jim and Michele Mosher

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Barbara Sprenger

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